Frequently Asked Questions

How much is tuition?

CAPSTONE schools are public, tuition-free charter schools. Parents pay yearly fees to their school to help cover the cost of supplies, field trips, activities, etc., comparable to other public neighborhood schools. Fees are reduced or waived for families that qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch.

Who gets in?

Any student may submit an intent to enroll form to the local school. When the number of students desiring to attend exceeds that school's capacity, a lottery will be held yearly at that school.

Who provides accountability?

Each CAPSTONE school exists to serve the students in that community. This service is delivered through a student-centered partnership among:

-The charter school board (site-specific governance)

-The charter school parents (annual surveyed)

-Charter Authorizer (local school district or state entity)


Will students wear uniforms?

Yes, until 8th grade. High school students will have a modest dress code.  Following the grammar, rhetoric, logic approach to developmental stages, students will receive increased freedom as they mature, without compromising on modesty or our culture of character development.