Educational Approach

High School:

Grades 9 - 12

  • Classical instructional philosophy is expected for these students in the rhetoric stage
  • Joy of learning is evident in children and must be maintained with high academic expectations
  • Capturing Kids’ Hearts training and implementation is required for all teachers
  • Staff will model, teach, and integrate character education
  • School size of 400-600 students



  • Math – 4 years are required
  • English – 4 years are required
  • Science – 3 years are required (Biology, Chemistry, & Physics)
  • History – 3 years are required (World History, American History, US Government & Economics)
  • World Language – Students must complete level 2 of a Language
  • The Arts – 1 year required
  • Physical Education & Health for freshman in separate gender classes
  • Capstone – senior required course which intentionally integrates student learning in a rhetorical culmination of the college preparatory experience
  • AP or Dual Credit course offerings for Junior and Senior students
  • Each student is highly encouraged to complete at least one AP course or dual credit course
  • Electives will be offered in a variety of subjects, driven by student interest and staff expertise



  • Activities Program will be vibrant, including:  Arts, Music, Theatre, Clubs, Speech, and/or Debate.  Student interest and staff expertise will drive these decisions.
  • Athletics Program will include:  Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, and Track as an extension of our Junior High program.  Other sports like Swimming, Wrestling, Lacrosse, Baseball, and Softball may be added over time, depending on facilities and student interest.  The school is not able to offer any sport like Football or Hockey.  However, state law allows charter school students to participate with their local neighborhood high school.